M.A.P. Turned 3D: WTV Interviews Gl0bal

For the second post on the day, we have the Gl0bal management team. It is through their contact that ‘WYN’ caught our ear and we were able to come into contact with this artist. We have been sitting on these posts for some time and are super excited to finally be getting them out; even more so because of another Gl0bal release today! So if you are coming here hot off the ‘WYN’ post or just stumbling in by luck, it is time to formally meet the Canadian-based artist: Gl0bal.

Before Gl0bal, there was a guy named Mickhel on the other side of the world. Growing up in the UK and then hopping continents, Mickhel brings meaning to his stage name in more than one way. Originally crafted from his initials (M.A.P.), Gl0bal came to fruition because DJ Map didn’t seem to have the right ring. With the dynamic bass/trap sound he has come to produce, it makes sense that he changed his name to mirror a three-dimensional dynamic map.

Though the full chronological growth of Mickhel was not really discussed, we were easily able to discover the Gl0bal growth-path. Like most stories, it began with an interest in the scene. Seeing shows and experiencing the art of DJing sparked Mickel’s interest. Artists with dynamic set catalogs like Calvin Harris, Diplo, and Skrillex inspired (and still do inspire) him. Each show/festival stacked on that and turned interest into action. Dipping his toe into the scene as an open-format DJ grew into messing around and learning production. Then taking that knowledge and practicing and perfecting what Mickhel found value in. Patiently crafting sound that he really valued, is what chipped away at the time between then and now. Gl0bal was born out of the passion for music, and the belief that what he was creating had massive value. The value that Mickhel independently felt for his craft is what has Gl0bal on the WTV page. His self-belief made creation and brand development so much more than making it big: it is about doing justice to himself. By knowing his worth and building his production talent, he allowed himself to always bring his best and let people find it on their own. His mindset always left him ahead of what people were catching-up to hear. 

Gl0bal started taking ears with that production cycle. By 2017, he had come into contact with Chuckie and released on his label Dirty Dutch. He had made hip-hop and electronic originals. Then used those talents to feature Major Lazer’s Walshy Fire on his track ‘Jump Up’. He closed out 2017 by grasping the title “Western Canadian Miller Brewing DJ Champion”. With a portfolio of music and achievements, Gl0bal was just warming up. He hit some crowning achievements recently, by signing tracks to Circus Records and hearing his tracks used by top tier artists. With all that happening now, we come to find there is even more for the future. Gl0bal teased a big festival announcement in our interview but kept it sealed as to which one. So stay posted for that next shining achievement. No matter what milestone he checks off the list, however, nothing stands above making an impact in the scene and providing for his family doing music. He also mentioned playing Tomorrowland, because who wouldn’t want that?

Taking a step off the stage and away from the production screens, we had to see what Mickhel does to maintain the professional drive. He said there are probably four things you can find him doing while away from producing and Djing. First and foremost is the gym, going hand-in-hand with the basketball court. Staying active is a must, and is first priority when not creating. If he’s not pumping-iron or crossing kids up, he is probably enjoying night life. Mickhel understands the importance of having fun and letting loose. Going out and enjoying his go-to vodka soda, is a great break from the grind. Although the staple is vodka soda, we had to get a feel for his beer choice. The Canadian makes some American’s proud with his claim to liking the diesel of beers: Budweiser. If there happens to be anytime in between going out and working out, Mickhel could probably be found chowing on some sushi playing some video games. Other than that, it is all music. 

Making music is a tough gig. We always ask artists to give some words to those of you just starting or those struggling a little bit. In Gl0bal’s case, his actions are supplemented by his words. He gives the advice to make music that you value, continuously. No matter the size of the flame, if you keep adding fuel/value to it, it will keep burning bigger and brighter. The more you add the more likely people are to see the flames. In lamens terms, make fire music and the rest will come with time. You have to be patient, understand there will be struggles, and just keep making music for people to hear. 

The only other advice came in regard to his pre-show ritual. Gl0bal always takes a pre-show nap and advises you never to underestimate its power. He also takes some moments in silence to calm the nerves. It is all about doing what makes you feel best because the people come to see you when it boils down. 

Coming into contact with Mickhel and his mangement team has been a great experience. It is always so great the music and people that come our way, and this is no exception. Reviewing ‘WYN’, getting to work with Gl0bal on this interview, and bring light to the latest track ‘Believe’ has been a real honor. We are so glad that you found us, and hope to remain in contact. Thank you for your time and your music- we hope to see you soon at this festival you are announcing!

Until next time.



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