Godly Green: Megan Hamilton ‘G.R.E.A.M. (feat Will Robinson)’

Back-to-back appearances, not as an artist but as an exposer: Kaelyn Gray. This girl is the piggy bank of new music from new artists- and we are cashing in lately. As we catch up on the content she is offering, we take it back to a release back in April. Coming from Megan Hamilton, we get the 4/20 release of G.R.E.A.M. So we take it back to the greenest of holidays to re-experience green ruling everything around us.

‘G.R.E.A.M.’ is another really unique sound style for us. Our first taste of Megan Hamilton’s production is this really funky street track. The track has very techy aspects that adds grit through underground bass and rolling hip-hop lyrical work. It is without a doubt a party track but has this command that could define a fashion runway. ‘G.R.E.A.M.’ breaks itself into portions through the vocalist; each voice inspires a different production sound. With the male vocalist, Will Robinson, we get this bouncier middle-heavy sound. His voice has some gruff that serves as the bassier element during the hook. With his lower voice, we see the treble-tones really pop from production. The drop then brings this really dirty loop. It prefaces the rest of the track but does not give it all away. Megan Hamilton rolls lyrics onto the lingering bassline of the first drop. It allows the energy to step up off of the first drop. Her flow is so smooth and has crazy attitude and rolls right back into the hype nature of Will Robinson. His vocals bring us back to the chorus and introduce the second drop. Neon shadows are cast over wet pavement, which rumbles with the rhythm of drop two. The track just vibrates the legs and body into purposeful motion. And then it all perfectly deconstructs piece by piece to close out the track.

Megan Hamilton pumps ‘G.R.E.A.M.’ with her talent, while also managing to sneak in Will Robinson as well. This track deserves appreciation in each aspect. The vocals are catchy and have really great flow. Both vocalists are clear and really solid with their words, which gives it that sing-to vibe. And the beats they come in on are just as clear. Megan Hamilton’s production takes elements of hip-hop, funk, disco, and this dark house to construct this lively night in the streets. She celebrates a unique sound with a unique title that has kept ‘G.R.E.A.M.’ on our minds since the first listen. Super excited to have  Megan on our watch list now, and we hope to maybe work with her more. Thank you again, Kaelyn for the awesome listening/writing opportunity- you continually drop good things on our doorstep.

Until next time.



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