Built From The Ground Up: Entel’s ‘Atlas’

It is so nice getting back into the swing of things. Coming back into the scene and hearing about all our WTV fam has done with 2020; it has been incredible. Today we bring a track of one of the fam members that has blown us away. His growth in sound, talent, consistency, and sheer release volume is electrifying. Entel has been on a mission this year, and you can really see it in the past weeks. Releasing consistently for the past four weeks, he is flooding outlets with his unique sound and proving that he is just getting started. With yesterday’s release of ‘Atlas’, he has officially dropped five tracks in the past month. Be sure to backtrack his Spotify the last few weeks, after you take a little jaunt through ‘Atlas’ with us.

The striking quality that should stick out the listener, when hearing Entel’s tracks, is complexity. There always seems to be this almost experimental unpacking, which the production walks us through. ‘Atlas’ is clear and present evidence of Entel’s production reputation, in our eyes. The fantastical journey takes and shifts the scope we think of the sounds laid on our ear by the track. For a song that runs double most tracks, Entel takes and fills the entirety with engaging sound and intelligent melody. The very constructive nature of the sound lets the listener be with Entel producing. We are hearing how the pieces come together and seeing the melting and melding of everything together. ‘Atlas’ takes us out of the present and abandons time, then spits us out with this residual enlightening 6 minutes later. Yet even once it is over, we are left wanting more. The intrigue of the sound and the interest in the combinations it can make was just floated in front of us. Like a word stuck on the tip of your tongue, we do not want to stop until we have it. No synonym or homonym really brings that euphoric satisfaction that THE word does. The same it true here. Entel makes music that makes the music lover want to make music. We see this way that he can construct real music from the start of simple rhythm, and yet turn it into this wonderful scape of feeling. ‘Atlas’ took us through it as it built into the heart of the track, and in six minutes deconstructed to where we started. 

Entel really seems to put onto the market something that most of us are not hearing. His music is exactly as we described: bringing emotion we are not familiar with. ‘Atlas’ is a real solid representation of this mystery that we are really hungering for. The spectacular nature of interlaced simplicity is the draw to Entel, and we hope that his volume of music remains high so we can keep chasing the feeling.

Until next time.



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