Different Meat On The Same Bones: YAMi X SHA ‘KUMITE [MMXVAC]’

One of Columbus’ most lovable bass heads just released a little piece of bass beauty. Coming together with artist SHA, WTV fam member YAMi brings us ‘KUMITE [MMXVAC]’. Dropping a mere fifteen hours ago, the track is another testament to the dubstep that runs through YAMi’s mind. The track is available for download on his SoundCloud, so make sure to cop that before you read any further into this review. 

The track takes a soft open that spread this nice melodic feel over a nice steady percussive line. Chimes and the heightened humming clashes with the metallic shake that diverts the attention, and introduces the hard build-up. The hard scooping bass hits come in and shake the track out of the sweet and soft. The drop comes and we get the metallic scratching wubbiness that we associate with YAMi. ‘KUMITE’ really demonstrates a strong adherence to patterning. This construction style is something we do not normally see overused by YAMi, so we attribute that really solid structuring to SHA. What we do immediately shift to YAMi is the soundscape on the track. There are tons of clips, sounds, bits, and vocals pumping through the track, and that screams to YAMi production. Pairing that with the really amazing dubstep structure and sound, we get this really exciting track. Both builds and drops bring similar vibes to the table, but allow for variation that gives the track that manic dubstep nature.

‘KUMITE’, without a doubt, brings the dubstep to the table. The track is something new to us, however, because we get to see YAMi contributing with SHA. We of course are assuming with what we know from writing about YAMi, but we really liked the organized chaos the track sold. YAMi is the king of bringing so many thoughts into a bass track and making it something to remember. In those cases, we do not always see a blueprint that can be repeated. Here working with SHA, we get this really strong skeleton that is paper-mached with the flesh of a thousand beasts. We thank artists, like SHA, for being a part of our family’s music, because it always brings new sounds and new sides of the WTV fam to light.

Until next time.



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