House Dogs Get Dirty: Bassani feat. Flero ‘Execute’

A WTV staple artist, Bassani, collaborates with fellow Canadian fam member, Flero, on the latest track ‘Execute’. The track is a very bouncy house track that embodies the dark and underground side. It is a solid collaboration that just has us foaming at the mouth, for the dance floor. In the meantime, we will shuffle through the track with words, as we break down ‘Execute’.

If you have been reading for a while, you know that Bassani is a master when it comes to giving the music a plotline. This, pairing with his astound production capability, invites any artist to be an amazing co-author. Flero is a solidified contributor, so before the track even comes in; we know we are in good hands. 

Once the music starts in, we get this really nice interlude. The track plays a little with the ear, foreshadowing sound. The duo brings forward the vocal, the bassline, and the high-end accent, but rolls it back. It rolls right over into the full force of the track. Dirty house bounce that really grovels on the bass is plaid under this very neo-narrative voice track. As the verse speeds into the breakdown, we get this awesome rise into the record scratch-vocal pair drop. The drop it leads into is this super synthesized whine that bounces and spins the brain in circles. Bassani and Flero craft a fun future-grit house loop to define the song. The stark contrast that exists between the energies of the build and the drop demonstrates the two sides to a whole of collaboration, as well as the dubby versus housey sides of electronic music. We see it becoming a great track through the division and combination of those parts. It becomes even more special with that Bassani plot-twist around halfway through the track. The song does not move from the build to the drop back to the build: the classic construction we love. Instead, we get this little hovering disorientation that brings us back to the second half of the track. The production choice really engages the ear and breaks expectations. It is such a highlight because it actually reinvigorates and makes brand new the second half of the song. Just a subtle little break of difference absolutely sells the song home as something special.

Bassani and Flero bring home another amazing collaboration with ‘Execute’. They are continually developing talent and sound recognition that sets them apart. ‘Execute’ has such dance vibes that make being off the dancefloor hurt. However, let’s clear out the living room and start crafting choreography so we keep getting music and are ready to hear it out the big speakers. Great to be writing about these two family members, and it is our love, vibes, streams, and dancing that will keep them making more to write about. 

Until next time.



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