Our Goals

When we created Where’s The Vibe, we set out to do one thing: bring you the fresh EDM vibes. We look to create content that exposes you to every corner of EDM through album reviews, artist bios, and weekly playlists. Making clear where the vibe is each week, within the music and among the artists’ culture. Giving you our feelings and opinions of any and everything that comes into our scope.

Beyond just music exposure, we look to give you exposure to the culture of EDM concerts and festivals. Attending any and every EDM event we can, interacting with all of the people experiencing it with us, and lastly giving those who couldn’t attend reasons to attend next time. Interacting and embracing the passion toward EDM, that made us want to create in the first place.

Lastly we look to develop and explore relationships with all in our community. Through artist interaction, collaboration with other pages, and lastly just discussion and content presentation to all of our fans we look to be THE binding agent between all in the EDM community. We understand that we wouldn’t be where we are or who we are without all of those relationships, so cultivating them is only strengthening all other aspects of our page.

Us and Our Crew

As individuals, we are Austin and Tanner (A & T). We are college roommates, best friends, and now two dudes chasing a crazy dream together. Throughout college we gradually moved further and further into the EDM scene. Attending concerts, sending each other music, watching our friends DJ, and eventually experiencing festivals, we have become the passionate EDM writers we are today.  At the moment, one of us in Nashville and the other in Cleveland. Our favorite artist is Dillon Francis, and we are just ecstatic to be doing what we are doing.

As a crew, we are the IDGAFOS Crew. Meet our crazy fest family. Composed of our girlfriends, best friends, and random single fest additions- we are the greatest support system for eachother. We don’t give a fuck or shit any of the time, and always look to bring good vibes. Find us at chasing festivals all over the country, in Columbus hitting every concert possible, or just chilling together wherever we possibly can. Both of us live farther away from our crews Columbus HQ, so we look forward to any time we can get with them. Thank goodness hanging with them means we are working for the page too. It would be an insult to not thank them publicly for the love and support they always give us, and let you know we wouldn’t be even close to who we are without them.

You can also check out where we are planning to go, festival wise, in 2019 here.