Where’s The Vibe Been?

Hello, fans and fam. 

After a long hiatus of holidays and readjustment, we are issuing a long overdue post. Over the past couple of months, we have taken a step back from Where’s The Vibe. We miss our family and fans so very much, but we had to do some things that were right for us as individuals. From the achievement of both landing full-time jobs to travel for the holiday season, we have had a lot on our plates and minds. We want to apologize for leaving many of you out to dry with content, and not covering everything that has come out from our family. 

With the change of pace, we have decided to tone back the content amount, for now.  Where’s The Vibe is our baby and we want it to grow into a career- but we can’t make it happen overnight. We were growing very fast and keeping up when we had more time, but things have changed. So we are just changing with them. We are aiming to develop our brand at a new pace, which fits our new lifestyle. 

So in short, we are back in the saddle. We are thriving individually, and we look to carry the self-care and improvement we have seen back into our passion for this website and company. Be excited because the content is on its way and so many new ideas. We are so happy to be back and “getting after it” once again.

Until next time


WTV Direction Change: By The Vibe, With The Vibe, For The Vibe

There have been some amazing moments in our short history as a company. Some that still feel so surreal to us that we have to check to assure it actually happened. From getting Dillon Francis our first WTV designed t-shirt to covering our first show with media access, the journey up to this point has been full of surprises and success. Our greatest achievements, however, are the connections we have been able to make. The connection not only to you, our readers, through this page and the music on it, but also to every artist we have come in contact with. Every single person we talk to and work with has shown us time and time again they believe in us and deserve every second of our time. And we actually think it is about time to do something about it. This post is the first official log of out full commitment to that path.

The two of us have gone from two best friends with a blog to two best friends with a whole web of connections across the continent (shoutout Canadian friends). We owe everything to the 30+ artists that we have officially partnered with in the past 6 months. So as of tomorrow, March 1, 2019, we are changing our site to give everything back to them. We mark the new initiative of “by the vibe, with the vibe, for the vibe”. This is the full commitment to continue to “bring you the fresh EDM vibe”, but to do so through covering every vibe that comes from the WTV fam!

We have attached the full “pivot” notes at the bottom, but in short, this is what we mean:

Where’s The Vibe is now exclusively covering ALL music that comes from artists we are partnered with, and anything we are really attached to from artists we like. That’s right no more EP/album only and no more random music. We look to feature every single, mix, EP, album, etc. by those we partner with. We are revamping the page to better feature all of that… and that is just the music.

We still look to cover all the events we go to and keep pushing to go to more and more. We are excited to be at a place where we are applying for media access to many events and now festivals (thank goodness summer is almost upon us). So we are looking to continue featuring all of that, and keep enhancing coverage with our other mediums.

We are also looking to really kill highlighting our other contributions to the community. Our photos from events, artwork, designs, artist interviews, and even a WTV dictionary will have their own place on our page. We are looking to really keep defining the brand with all the amazing talent that we have partnered with and that we personally possess.

You still want more? Okay… well, how about we feature you as well? We look to highlight anything our fan base does in another section of our website. Pictures just hanging in your merch, to drawings of WTV artists, and anything you think we deserve to see will have a place on our page.

If you are worried about losing any of the old stuff, don’t sweat it! We are keeping it all. It is just getting its own place to live. It is what made us who we are, so we are not in any way trying to get rid of it.

So yeah, things are getting a bit crazy around here. But we are so ready for it and excited. So let us know what you think, point artists in our direction, send us anything you think is sweet, keep creating, and most importantly keep looking for the vibe.

Until next time.


Austin and Tanner