M.A.P. Turned 3D: WTV Interviews Gl0bal

For the second post on the day, we have the Gl0bal management team. It is through their contact that ‘WYN’ caught our ear and we were able to come into contact with this artist. We have been sitting on these posts for some time and are super excited to finally be getting them out; even more so because of another Gl0bal release today! So if you are coming here hot off the ‘WYN’ post or just stumbling in by luck, it is time to formally meet the Canadian-based artist: Gl0bal.

Before Gl0bal, there was a guy named Mickhel on the other side of the world. Growing up in the UK and then hopping continents, Mickhel brings meaning to his stage name in more than one way. Originally crafted from his initials (M.A.P.), Gl0bal came to fruition because DJ Map didn’t seem to have the right ring. With the dynamic bass/trap sound he has come to produce, it makes sense that he changed his name to mirror a three-dimensional dynamic map.

Though the full chronological growth of Mickhel was not really discussed, we were easily able to discover the Gl0bal growth-path. Like most stories, it began with an interest in the scene. Seeing shows and experiencing the art of DJing sparked Mickel’s interest. Artists with dynamic set catalogs like Calvin Harris, Diplo, and Skrillex inspired (and still do inspire) him. Each show/festival stacked on that and turned interest into action. Dipping his toe into the scene as an open-format DJ grew into messing around and learning production. Then taking that knowledge and practicing and perfecting what Mickhel found value in. Patiently crafting sound that he really valued, is what chipped away at the time between then and now. Gl0bal was born out of the passion for music, and the belief that what he was creating had massive value. The value that Mickhel independently felt for his craft is what has Gl0bal on the WTV page. His self-belief made creation and brand development so much more than making it big: it is about doing justice to himself. By knowing his worth and building his production talent, he allowed himself to always bring his best and let people find it on their own. His mindset always left him ahead of what people were catching-up to hear. 

Gl0bal started taking ears with that production cycle. By 2017, he had come into contact with Chuckie and released on his label Dirty Dutch. He had made hip-hop and electronic originals. Then used those talents to feature Major Lazer’s Walshy Fire on his track ‘Jump Up’. He closed out 2017 by grasping the title “Western Canadian Miller Brewing DJ Champion”. With a portfolio of music and achievements, Gl0bal was just warming up. He hit some crowning achievements recently, by signing tracks to Circus Records and hearing his tracks used by top tier artists. With all that happening now, we come to find there is even more for the future. Gl0bal teased a big festival announcement in our interview but kept it sealed as to which one. So stay posted for that next shining achievement. No matter what milestone he checks off the list, however, nothing stands above making an impact in the scene and providing for his family doing music. He also mentioned playing Tomorrowland, because who wouldn’t want that?

Taking a step off the stage and away from the production screens, we had to see what Mickhel does to maintain the professional drive. He said there are probably four things you can find him doing while away from producing and Djing. First and foremost is the gym, going hand-in-hand with the basketball court. Staying active is a must, and is first priority when not creating. If he’s not pumping-iron or crossing kids up, he is probably enjoying night life. Mickhel understands the importance of having fun and letting loose. Going out and enjoying his go-to vodka soda, is a great break from the grind. Although the staple is vodka soda, we had to get a feel for his beer choice. The Canadian makes some American’s proud with his claim to liking the diesel of beers: Budweiser. If there happens to be anytime in between going out and working out, Mickhel could probably be found chowing on some sushi playing some video games. Other than that, it is all music. 

Making music is a tough gig. We always ask artists to give some words to those of you just starting or those struggling a little bit. In Gl0bal’s case, his actions are supplemented by his words. He gives the advice to make music that you value, continuously. No matter the size of the flame, if you keep adding fuel/value to it, it will keep burning bigger and brighter. The more you add the more likely people are to see the flames. In lamens terms, make fire music and the rest will come with time. You have to be patient, understand there will be struggles, and just keep making music for people to hear. 

The only other advice came in regard to his pre-show ritual. Gl0bal always takes a pre-show nap and advises you never to underestimate its power. He also takes some moments in silence to calm the nerves. It is all about doing what makes you feel best because the people come to see you when it boils down. 

Coming into contact with Mickhel and his mangement team has been a great experience. It is always so great the music and people that come our way, and this is no exception. Reviewing ‘WYN’, getting to work with Gl0bal on this interview, and bring light to the latest track ‘Believe’ has been a real honor. We are so glad that you found us, and hope to remain in contact. Thank you for your time and your music- we hope to see you soon at this festival you are announcing!

Until next time.



Dust To Danger: ‘WYN’ Gl0bal Review

We have a double post coming in hot! Both of them to do with a new artist to WTV. It comes just in time to really bring to light an amazing track and artist- hot on the heels of his latest track released TODAY. Before we get into it with Gl0bal, we bring to you our first taste and maybe your first time hearing his tunes.

Released last month on Circus Records, is Gl0bal’s ‘WYN’. The artist, who we will be introducing to you later today, broke into our ears with this mystical mayhem. ‘WYN’, standing for “watch your neck”, is a creepy balance of dust settling and being rapidly stirred back up. The listen brings forth this battle with dynamic evil that is so epic. Our anxiety is built as the track opens up this super ominous space. The initial metal-to-stone grinding and the deep laugh unsettle the prophetic string/wind line. Like we mentioned initially, the track has this valley of calm that seems to make clear the peaking danger around. Beginning to press the springs that soon will expand and press us into the danger we have been feeling since the initial morsels of sound the track delivered. As the bass drops, we can’t help but envision this dirty dance with the dangerous. This track makes bass music an anime/Mortal Kombat battle scene. Gl0bal provides really jarring and huge bass hits, continues creepy with the baby laughter, paces the pressure with a quick rhythm line, and sets the scene with the “breaking necks” vocal. When round one is complete, the stage is reset and we go back into the calm-into-battle cycle once again. The second build and drop bring an adjusted focus to the speed and metal natures, which exist in the track. Drop two gives a rapid feel to the same bass, while also really selling the high horn to the ear. Gl0bal really crafts a unique “wubbage” that billows and bounces bass out the speakers. All of it settles back down into an uncleaned calm that served as the ground-zero for the track.

‘WYN’ is a crazy initial experience with Gl0bal. The track has for sure set a tone and intrigued us. There is such a broad spectrum of sounds used on the track, and yet they come together to paint a really sick picture. To be introduced to the sound was a privilege, so getting into the mind of the artist was just the icing on top. As we bring that to you in our next post, also keep in mind there is a cherry on top too: Gl0bal’s ‘Believe’ dropped today. As you continue to dig into the Gl0bal portfolio, be sure to check out the WTV interview where we bring you the man behind it all. 

Until next time.


Won’t Bring You Down: Maderra feat. Mr. Writ3 ‘Gravity – VIP Mix’

Maderra duo back in the mix, with a hot new release. The two break their third track of the year out, and it is sure to deliver a healthy heap of the Maderra sound. ‘Gravity (VIP Remix)’ is a sculpted vocal piece that brings one of the first tastes of the summer we have been oh-so hungry for. This track is a set closer, a vibe booster, and a little cloud chaser. For a track titled “Gravity”, you will see that it is hard to bring yourself down after the listen.

Weight is nowhere to be found as the single opens up. That butterflying flutter of chimes lays down these unburdened steps on unsullied grounds. We feel the weight of our bodies settle on the ground on the first low-end hit. Our exploration unfolds with the lyrical work of Mr. Writ3. Thank goodness our duo found this vocalist because, at the cost of a cheesy pun, he was mister right for this track. His voice bleeds smooth R&B and demonstrates control and punctuality. We see the sound of the voice parallel to the soundscape of the track, which provides unbelievable cohesion; the match-up allows us to get fully immersed into the track. Even further, Mr. Writ3 has unbelievable control of his voice. His ability to hit every note with precision is a marvel in itself- stacked up on the Maderra production everything is laser cut and so clean. Bringing the production into the conversation, the two Cleveland boys absolutely saturate our minds with expansive sound. The future bass sound makes ‘Gravity’ catchy and room shattering. This song opens up your chest and gives that really clean breathe that we love to see with lifting tracks, like this one. Diversifying the high-altitude, we get the awesome gravitational-like pull at the second verse. The lowest point in energy and sound falls pairs up with lyrics that match the “pull-down”. It continuously moves and blows energy all in the faces of the listeners.

Maderra and Mr. Writ3 pair up to make a future bass track that has us craving the wild energy of festival season. ‘Gravity (VIP Remix)’ is an electronic love ballad that has heart, while still embodying a fast-paced electric track. 

Until next time.


Like A Parfait, Layered: ‘Alive (Pure)’ Eric Ananda

Just about two weeks ago, European WTV fam Eric Ananda dropped his first single of 2020. His newest addition, entitle ‘Alive (Pure)’, is a track sure to please the bass listener. It gives subtlety and intensity; all wrapped up in clean and uncluttered production. The track chooses to take a lyric-less route, which really allows it to just focus Eric’s production talents. 

‘Alive (Pure)’ opens with a sharp breath of bass. The quick fluid rise amplifies the succeeding bass hit and establishes the guiding rhythm of the track. As the track continues, we see the track form itself. The introduction of the kick and snare lines really creates the heart of the track, which then becomes massively dynamic. The initial identifying moments of the track then halt with a solo chord line and then drop us into the grit. Drop one is the intensified version of the hook of the track, and get moving quickly. We see this epic and massive rework of the track’s lo-fi vibe. Bass is everything when it comes to the hype of this track. Lulling back down into the open valley of the hook, we prepare for the second drop to match the height we reach on the first. We are lucky enough to be taken there, and then some. ‘Alive (Pure)’ hits the second drop with this sneaky ripper. We get that same full bass from the first drop, with these wild effects that amplify the intensity. Eric Ananda uses ripping and skipping sound samples to take the track from epic to demonic. This dip into dub-like darkness recesses into the track’s fundamental line. From the second drop, the hook feels more mystical, and dare we say “pure”. The hook line does not take the song out, however. We are blessed enough to hit a third drop with this track, and it rounds the track off by seemingly finding the middle ground between the first and second drops. It has the hint of the higher intensity of drop two while remaining within the oracle-esque soundscape the song seems to develop. 

Eric Ananda really is able to construct a track that audibly demonstrates the creative process of its production. A level of layering is used that keeps the listener keyed in, while also allowing them to be surprised. ‘Alive (Pure)’ is cleanly carried out, and provides a unique ambient bass listen with the perfect amount of edge. We really vibed with this track, especially with the quarantine circumstances, because it is really developed casual listen that also delivers a beyond bassline and couch-comfortable level of intensity. 

Until next time.


What’s In The Box: Kilo Hawke’s “Roddy Ricch ‘The Box (Kilo Flip)'”

We have seen plenty of remixes on our page, but we believe this is our first flip. Coming from the west-coast artist, Kilo Hawke, we get our first rework of a super popular hip-hop track. Roddy Ricch’s, ‘The Box’, has seemed to find its way everywhere lately. Luckily one of those places it shimmied into was Kilo Hawke’s creative space. Because of that, we get this heavy trap-bass flip from Kilo.

Trap and rap go hand-in-hand, but they are usually produced together. Yet on this track, we see the opposite. A rap track is taken and shadowed with bass and electronic production. What seems even more unique on this flip, by Kilo Hawke, is the lyrical basis. Of course, that is most times the root of rap tracks, but this flip actually uses Roddy Ricch’s lyrical flow as the skeleton of the new track. Everything that Kilo Hawke makes is on top of the lyrics. The speech has a rhythm that is audible without the company of the original production. That attribute is what allows Kilo to really take ‘The Box’ and really transform it. We get drawn in by the familiar tune, and then are taken through this wild rework, that hits so hard. There is this very cool hazy feeling to the production’s mastery, where the percussion pops and the new track lays a fog over the lyrics. The first drop is chilling and a top highlight to take away from the track. Seeing Roddy Ricch’s track shoved through the lense of Kilo Hawke production is something we are beyond pleased to have in our ears. The song brings something new to the table, pays homage to an originally loved track, and yet again shows Kilo Hawke’s creativity spectrum.

Until next time.


A Car Ride In Captivity: AJ Salvatore’s ‘Malibu (feat honeyfreckle)

With most of us stuck at home, there is a huge turn to music to make the warming weather more like it does every other year. An artist that has really brought that forward is our own AJ Salvatore. The gifted good-vibe creator brought forward his debut EP Daydreams & Nightmares. The EP features so many familiar AJ Salvator singles, and most excitingly new music. One of the new pieces grabs our focus today: Malibu. 

This track is a testament to working for the right sound, by AJ Salvator. For two years, this track was searching for the perfect vocals, until finally landing on honeyfreckle. It seems funny listening now because the production almost feels it was done with honeyfreckle in mind. The track is altogether very colorful. We get this very vibrant and wonderful vision brought by cascading high-end. The track has that 80’s neon influence but feels very wholesome like the muted colors of a Malibu sunset. ‘Malibu’ is such an easy listen and just is a breathe of shoreline air, to our noses trapped in the house. The track breaks down into this simple pop-infused track that really warms the hear, and extends the artistic vision held on Daydreams & Nightmares.

AJ Salvatore and honeyfreckle really bring an absolute note of carefree happiness to the listeners with this track; and furthermore, bring another strong angle to the Salvatore debut EP. All seven songs bring different sounds to the listener, which we need now more than ever. We are excited to continue to see more music from AJ, and are ecstatic to have such a dynamic first compilation with Daydreams & Nightmares. If you have not already heard the whole EP, be sure to ‘Malibu’ hook you into the rest of the AJ Salvatore portfolio.

Until next time.